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Statistics of Jolly Old England recently showed that iPhone users took less time to complete the test than Blackberry users. Recently, Jolly Old England organization has done a very odd statistic with 2,000 smartphone users. This statistic leads to the users an IQ test to see ...
Luck in the industry may not spared anyone, whether it is Apple, Sony, Nokia or BlackBerry. Do not have anything in this world is perfect, so of course the big tech companies in the world and every mistakes that surely they'd wipe out the memory of it.   1. Error antenna ...
- Director General BlackBerry, Mr. John Chen wrote on his official blog to attack Knox security system by Samsung. He said that people should not say or do just dizzy but look for the company to express themselves speak, do. BlackBerry now provides security solutions for BES ...
While Blackberry is "struggling" in the search for self, the recent black Mulberry to receive the unhappy news that Xiaomi - a new force is emerging in China, could be "smashed "every hope of" revival "of the Canadian telephone ...
Genuine BlackBerry Smartphone Z30 in Vietnam has suddenly decline from 11.5 million to 9.5 million included many valuable gifts. New prices as an opportunity to get closer BlackBerry Z30 with many different types of customers, including those who prefer to use larger smartphone ...