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BlackBerry Storm2 9520
Warranty: 12 months
Status: Stocking
Price: 1.000.000 VND

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The first version is not really making users happy by many defects. A year later, RIM released the Storm 2 to the extended "storm" touch.


Overall, the Storm 2 does not have many significant changes from the Storm, RIM has improved the wise old functions and add a little creativity to produce a more attractive product. So maybe the difference between the Storm and Storm 2 is what first interested users.

Design is not much discussed because certainly nicer Storm 2 brothers, accented with metal parts such as the back cover and chrome chassis as the Storm 2 more rugged and luxurious.

Screen with new touch technology

Both Storm and Storm have a common standard screen size and resolution, but the fact that: the Storm 2's screen bright and sharp images especially color depth than the Storm, brought to you new experience of enjoying high quality video clips on the Storm 2.

But those are just minor improvements on the Storm2 only. The technology applied on the new screen is what RIM sending to users.

Especially in this release, RIM gives BlackBerry users a huge surprise based on piezo technology use. When the power button (Power) the impact (or keypad lock), seemed to display "freezes" again, no one can impact the display of the Storm "budge" is, unless it affects 4 of its key functions.


I must say, the biggest change to the BlackBerry Storm 2 hardware is the mystery that was hidden underneath-its screen. Previous generation touch only a single button in the center, below the screen to hit the impact point selection, the user will have to select the previous hit, then press to select interaction. With the Storm 2 is everything else. The screen is placed on the 4 touch FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor), for simplicity, we call it the 4 button.

Understanding a simple way, the FSR sensor just to understand the impact press to activate the user's choice. Once the system detects the user's choice, based on FSR button, it will respond (Haptic Feedback) through 4 piezo discs.

Therefore, the Storm 2 touch sensitive full and somewhat smarter than the "brothers" go ahead. Maybe you will not be familiar when first exposed to this kind of unique touch, but when you have a new favorite and feel the unique flexibility of it.

Storm 2 has Wi-Fi

Finally, RIM and network service providers (known as a connecting carrier-band CDMA networks) have agreed to put Wi-Fi into the Verizon branded phone. This is excellent information for those who use CDMA phones. Besides GPRS-EDGE data channel-3G, you can add an additional option, the connection speed at a high level, Wi-Fi in a different class to him.

However, the saying goes also to say again, despite using Wi-Fi to go again, then the default browser of the machine, where it is also the point that RIM should improve its browser. That is, if you're on a complex site, it still needs extremely long time to connect. Especially those pages and images using javascript. The weaknesses of this will be significant improvements in the near future (maybe 6 months to 1 year) when RIM is improving its browser with a completely new KIT.

Featuring alongside the Blackberry Storm 2 Browser, OS 5.0 has been used OperaMini 5.0 is smoother, Storm 1 which was never success with the OperaMini 5.0.


Storm 2 is equipped with double the memory (2GB versus 1GB) than the Storm 1 was born before. Besides memory, RAM is also equipped with double. It is a great thing when it comes to memory Storm 2 users can install numerous software applications, saving thousands of messages, tasks, notes without having to worry the memory is full. And above all, thanks to powerful hardware, all active tasks on the Storm 2 is always fast and rarely have time to delay implementation.

Not only that to support a robust hardware, RIM grill using the BlackBerry OS5 system for the Storm 2 with smart interface nicer and more complete

    • General information
    • OS BlackBerry
      Language English
    • Display
    • Screen type TFT
      Color screen 65,536 colors
      Standard screen No
      Resolution 480 x 360 Pixels
      Widescreen 3.2"
      Induction Yes
    • Photograph & film
    • Rear camera 3.2 MP (2048 x 1536 pixels)
      Front camera No
      flash Yes
      Camera Features Autofocus, LED flash
      Film No
      Videocall No
    • CPU & RAM
    • CPU No
      the multiplier No
      ram No
      Graphics Chip No
    • Memory & storage
    • Contacts Unlimited
      Internal Memory 2 GB
      External Memory MicroSD (T-Flash)
      Support memory card No
    • Design & weight
    • Designs BlackBerry
      Size 112.5 x 62.2 x 14 mm
      Weight 160
      Support memory card No
    • Battery Information
    • Type of battery Li-Ion
      Battery Capacity 1420 mAh
    • Connect & communication
    • 3g HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
      4g Yes
      Type of sim Micro SIM
      Sim Support 1 SIM
      wifi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
      gps A-GPS
      bluetooth No
      gprs Yes
      Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
      Usb connection Micro USB
    • Entertainment applications
    • Watch 3GP, MP4, WMV
      listen to music AAC, AAC+, MP3, WMA
      recording Yes
      FM Radio Yes

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